biography Gigla Phirtskalava

Giorgi (Gigla) Pirtskhalava (born September 15, 1922 – dead on June 4, 1983) Georgian graphic, sculptor, cartoonist. He graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. He was a student of Nikoloz Kandelaki. In 1941-1942, Pirtskhalava publishes his caricatures in the magazine “crocodile”, as well as the forehead booklets “Communist” and “Lakhvari” (eng, explosion, stoke). During the years 1950-1966 he took the pedagogical work at the Jacob Nikoladze Art School and since 1967 at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts. From 1952 he worked in the magazine “Crocodile”. (rus. “Krokodil”) Phirtskhalava’s work is characterized by a sound humor, high professional craftsmanship. (1954), “The Bull of Love”, “Do not Buy Now The Cleaner?”, Both 1961, “Meet My Second Half”, 1954 and others). Also friendly caricatures. His works are short and similar. His works are characterized by short contours depicting the similarity of nature. Firtskhalava is the author of various sculptural portraits such as “Portrait wrestler David Tsimakuridze” (Bronze, 1953), “Portrait wrestler Givi Cartosia” (Bronze, 1956), “The Student Girl’s Portrait” (Bronze, 1961). He is also the author of paintings: “Sokhumi” in 1945, “Chakvi, Plantation Tea” in 1945, “A portrait of A. Sulukvadze”, property of 1973. Collection Caricatures Giorgi Pirtskhalava was published in Tbilisi (1967, 1971) and Moscow (1968, 1982).

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